Cybersex addiction

Cybersex addiction

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The cybersex addiction, or sex over the internet is a type of sexual addiction what causes serious problems in the quality of life of the individual, influencing both their social, economic and work life. Given the implications that the Internet has had in our lives in recent years, addiction to this type of content is and has been increasingly frequent and there are numerous people, both individually and as a couple, who go to professionals to solve the problems related to this.

From getting to feel anguish, a great concern and shame for what friends and family may think, as well as anxiety and depression are some of the emotional consequences that this problem can generate in people who are involved in this type of addiction.


  • 1 What is cybersex?
  • 2 What are the characteristics of cybersex addiction?
  • 3 What is the treatment for cybersex addiction?

What is cybersex?

Before talking about cybersex addiction, it is first necessary to know what it is. The concept of cybersex refers to the sexual practice through the Internet, which may involve different situations. The most common way to describe cybersex is the sexual encounter with other people through chat messages that becomes a game of sexual roles, but it is also considered cybersex to view online pornographic portals, or to participate in the activity through photographs or webcams among many other practices.

Without entering into the negative connotations and the controversial debate that the cybersex trade conceived as a product, as well as any other form of sex trade can generate, today we focus on the negative consequences of addiction that this type of practice can generate and how this can affect the daily functioning of the individual.

What are the characteristics of cybersex addiction?

Cybersex addiction implies a compulsive behavior in the which the behavior of the addicted person is directed exclusively to the object that causes the addiction. The person is not able to control this behavior, even perceiving the negative consequences that this addiction causes in their daily life.

A person who is addicted to cybersex may have some of the following specific behaviors:

  • Not being able to think about something else other than sex online
  • Have tried to end this behavior on other occasions, but return to relapse
  • Lying to others about our obsession and try to hide it
  • Search with anxiety moments of the day to connect
  • Use internet for longer and longer periods and feel how much time of the day has been lost in this practice
  • Resort to cybersex whenever you feel some kind of anxiety, guilt or negative feeling
  • Spend excessive money in this type of practice
  • See how our couple relationships or our work suffer because of our obsession
  • Missing important vital moments with friends or family for being connected
  • Search for increasingly intense or extreme sexual experiences

What is the treatment for cybersex addiction?

To overcome this addiction it is important that the affected person recognize your problem and be motivated to change it. When the people affected, largely men, realize that their addiction is being an impediment to function normally on a daily basis, they can find help in various ways.

On the internet, without going any further, there are certain tools created in order to help people detect if their behavior is the result of an uncontrolled addiction, such as The sex addiction screening test, designed exclusively to advise people who have concerns about these behaviors. Although this test is in English, it can be easily translated.

The detection of cybersex addiction leads to the most commonly used treatment for its control and extinction: cognitive behavioral therapy. This is also used for other types of addictions, such as sex addiction in general and goes to detect which are the triggers that promote addictive behavior to get control this behavior. In addition to cybersex addiction, people may suffer from other associated disorders such as depression, as well as other types of addictions such as alcoholism which should be treated together through therapy. If there is also an impact on family life because of this addiction, family therapy is also a treatment indicated to find the solution to this problem. If you or someone you know thinks you have this or another type of addiction, do not hesitate to consult a professional.

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