Thick fingers and financial success

Thick fingers and financial success

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In addition to serving as accommodation for a wedding ring, our ring finger is an indicator of a few factors of which you don't even get an idea. The association between finger diameter and autism has been investigated for some time, finding surprising correlations between one element and another. Now the diameter of the male ring has been associated with financial success, and the conclusions are no less surprising.

If your wedding ring is tightening us too much, in addition to thinking about negotiating with our partner to send you a new one, we should also think about opening a business or investing in the stock market, because the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom has discovered what The larger the diameter of the ring finger, the greater the financial success.

The explanation for this is the levels of the hormone testosterone that we received in the womb during our pregnancy. Normally the testosterone it is associated with masculinity and virility, but in this case the we associate rational thinking and moderation. It has been observed that large merchants have high levels of testosterone and use it to make reasoned and prudent business decisions, obtaining optimal financial benefits.

Although it is curious, the team led by John Coates discovered that large traders tend to have, of course, the diameter of the relatively thick ring, and this is an indicator of their commercial success.