Love us unconditionally

Love us unconditionally

Loving is a feeling that makes us happy, gives energy and reasons to live and create.

Love ourselves

Loving ourselves is an art, because to love us you also have to learn to sow and cultivate the true art of love. “Love tries to understand, convince, vivify. For this reason, he who loves is constantly transformed. ”

When we love we are more productive.

To learn to love ourselves, we must begin by recognizing that we will always be with ourselves, throughout our entire life cycle, regardless of being with other people.

To love you is to accept you as being authentic, with your flaws and virtues, understanding by default those things that you would like to modify or change, for example, if you consider defecting to be disorganized, you can start by proposing to change it, recognizing that becoming more organized tea will benefit in your lifestyle habits and even to achieve your goals , a defect that can also be modified, if for example you consider yourself to be pessimistic, if you always see the negative in situations, you can propose to be more optimistic, also accepting you physically is importantWell, you were born with the body and face you have, if you want to be a thin person, it's fine, because it is good to take care of your body, it involves feeding your body healthily, hydrating it, etc. But accepting you unconditionally goes beyond a beautiful body and face, it is about loving you completely, accepting and loving every part of your body, loving yourself unconditionally is valuing that you have a wonderful brain capable of functioning, with neurons that help you think, to to reason, to remember, to learn, you have a rational and emotional intelligence that you can use to your advantage.

Strategies to improve your self-esteem

I share some ways to start transform your self esteem.

1. Restructure irrational thoughts, that is, change thoughts that limit you to other powerful thoughts.


  • I think that I am unable to achieve what I propose. (Thinking limiting).
  • I think that I am able to achieve what I propose. (Powerful thinking).

Obviously, healthy and effective thinking is the second.

  • I am little valuable, I do not love myself, I do not deserve love. (Thinking limiting).
  • I am valuable, I love myself, I deserve love. (Powerful thinking).

Obviously, healthy and effective thinking is the second.

2. The mirror technique: this exercise is very beautiful because it is very simple to do, at least once a day every day practice the following:

In front of the mirror, looking into your eyes, talking to yourself, talk to yourself affectionately, something like:

Hello, I like my eyes, I like my eyebrows, my eyelashes are beautiful, I like my mouth, my hair, I love my body, or skin color, I accept my height, I appreciate my hands, my powerful feet that lead me to wherever I want, I love my brain that is my perfect organ, I love my healthy heart, I am a wonderful person, I am divine intelligence, I am a precious being.

3. Make a list of the things you would like to transform in your way of being. Empower your list, for example:

  • I want and can be organized,
  • I want and I can love myself
  • I want and can be my best friend.
  • I want and I can value, love my body and face.
  • I want and can set goals and achieve them.

4. Visualize yourself with your positive qualities and at the same time achieving what you want.

5. To Love You ...

Every day do things to conquer yourself, smile, listen to your needs, express your emotions with assertiveness, respect yourself, sow positive thoughts to your mind, take care of your body, praise yourself, congratulate yourself on your achievements, when you make a mistake about something, don't judge yourself hard, better be aware of what you did not do well, learn, correct it, get back up, you are human being, hug yourself, love yourself unconditionally, for what? ...

To live fully and that your trip in this life be enriching, cheerful, pleasant, loving.

Start by loving yourself and therefore the people around you and with whom you want to be.