The 77 best phrases of Joan Manel Serrat

The 77 best phrases of Joan Manel Serrat

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Joan Manel Serrat

Joan Manel Serrat, born in 1943, the son of a Catalan father and an Aragonese mother, is a famous singer-songwriter, performer, composer, musician and Spanish poet.

It is considered one of the most prominent figures of the song in both Catalan and Spanish. He has composed and sung numerous styles of music, from boleros, songs or tangos, with lyrics that pay tribute to great writers and poets such as Neruda, Lorca or Machado.

He is one of the key artists of the Nova Cançó Catalana, a generation of singer-songwriters who claimed the use of Catalan during the Franco dictatorship and who composed their lyrics in a poetic and intimate way. The Barcelona City Council awarded him the Gold Medal of the city for its civic contribution and for the prestige achieved as a musician and citizen internationally.

We bring you here a precious compilation of the most beautiful phrases and verses about the love and life of Joan Manuel Serrat, so that you know a little better and enjoy his essential thoughts.

Joan Manuel Serrat quotes

From time to time, life makes a joke and we wake up without knowing what happens, sucking a nail sitting on a pumpkin.

And adjust the males, take a deep breath, swallow, take a run, and open the door, go outside, cross your fingers, touch wood.

They give you life but they don't give it to you. Life pays for more than you penis. This has been the case since God cast man out of Eden, for confusing what is right with what is convenient for him.

Tomorrow is just an adverb of time.

I believe that only respect for the idea of ​​your neighbor gives you permission to respect yours. I am not part of the persecution committee.

Wherever the world is wrong.

It's not that I don't come back because I've forgotten ... it's that I lost my way back.

Wherever you are, you would like to know that I could forget you and I have not wanted and no matter how cold my sad night was, do not throw into the fire even one of the kisses you gave me.

Do not choose only one part, take me as I give myself, whole and as I am, do not go wrong.

Appearances cheat for your benefit.

Today could be a great day, plantéatelo well. Taking advantage of it or passing it depends, in part, on you. Give the day off to the experience to start, and receive it as if it were a party to save. Do not consent that it vanishes, look out and consume life in bulk. Today could be a great day, hard on him.

The truth is never sad, what you don't have is a remedy.

Blessed are those who are at the bottom of the well because from then on it can only be improved.

It is preferable to put on the best optimistic suit that one has, at least the suit of hope, and we believe that things move to the extent that we are able to push them from honesty, and from what each one knows how to do.

In this life, the important thing is not what happens to you, but how you deal with it.

That for a smile I give everything that I am.

Hardly men advance in a way other than together.

Tell your heart that there is always a hidden reason in every gesture.

Without utopia, life would be a rehearsal for death.

One is believed to have been killed by time and absence. But his train sold round trip ticket. It's those little things that left us a time of roses in a corner, on a paper or in a drawer.

I do nothing but think about you ... For flattering you and so that it is known, I took paper and pencil, and spread the clothes of your love on the table.

Or simply if we all understand that we all carry an old man on top.

There is nothing more beautiful than what I have ever had, nothing more loved than what I lost. Forgive me if I look in the sand today for a full moon that scratched the sea.

My heart also awaits, towards the light and towards life, another miracle of spring.

I searched, looking at the sky, inspiration and stayed "hung" on the heights. By the way, a hand of paint would not hurt at the ceiling.

Probably, the virtues attributed to me are somewhat exaggerated. But I say that I will not have been such a crooked bush when I have been given the mortarboard.

Your name tastes like grass from which it is born in the valley by sun and water.

The emotion of undressing ... And slowly discovering the game. The rite of stroking fire.

It would be great if there was nothing urgent, never to pass by and serve for something, to go through life without compliments calling things by their name to collect in kind and feel well treated, and to piss off laughter.

The ban seems to me an unfair punishment for which you are never prepared.

Blessed are those who taste failure because they will recognize their friends.

Do not ask me not to think out loud for my sake, or to climb on a stool, if you want I will try to grow.

Let others sing my songs I take it as a caress.

I'm a singer, I'm a liar, I like the game and the wine. I have a sailor's soul ... What am I going to do if I was born in the Mediterranean.

I will not make the cold warmer or sweeter the coffee with milk but think of me, girl, think of me.

I prefer to want to be able to, feel to step on, win to lose, kiss to fight, dance to parade and enjoy measuring. I prefer to fly to run, make think, love to love, take to ask. First of all I am in favor of living.

Your laughter makes me free, it gives me wings. Soledades takes me away, jail starts me.

The woman I want does not need to bathe in holy water every night.

I want to cry with those who are alone and without any love they go through the world.

Love is not literature if it cannot be written on the skin.

Nothing and no one can prevent them from suffering, that the hands advance in the clock, that they decide for them, that they are wrong, that they grow and that one day they say goodbye.

Let's spend our little agency.

Blessed are those who love because they have within their reach more than fifty percent of a great romance.

Everything is ready, the water, the sun and the mud but if you are missing there will be no miracle.

I believe that in human beings the limits are not fixed, because they are constantly marked by circumstances.

I don't know if I like you more what makes you different from me or what we have in common.

Often the children resemble us, so they give us the first satisfaction; those who wiggle with our gestures, helping out everything around them.

Straw men who use the colony and honor to hide dark intentions: they have double life, they are hit men of evil.

There is no manual: the world of sensations and relationships is full of unforeseen events.

Each madman with his theme, against tastes there is not and cannot be disputes, artifacts, beasts, men and women, each one is as it is, each one is each and goes down the stairs as he wishes.

If I was ever wise in love, I learned it from your singing lips.

As a kaleidoscope of tiny crystals, it changes its drawing and color, if the sun shines at dawn or it has rained. And fill my world with flowers.

The common comforts me, the different stimulates me.

Blessed are those who reach the top because the rest of the way will be downhill.

If one day for my evil comes to find me the grim reaper ... Push my boat into the sea with an autumn lift and let the storm scrap its white wings and bury me without duel, between the beach and the sky. My body will be way, I will give green to the pines and yellow to the genist. Near the sea because I was born in the Mediterranean.

Give it time and excuse the pride of who feels like a lucky man.

My passions ... Some can be said. Others cannot be said.

Blessed are those who incurred debts because once upon a time, someone did something for them.

For you, for you my sun shone one day, and when I think of you it shines again, without the melancholy of the fleeting eternal loves blurring it.

In many cases, society is determined to confront the local anguish with the anguish of the neighbor, as if our local anguish were resolved by preventing the progress of the neighbor.

It was unintentionally, chance is capricious, I didn't look for you or you came for me.

With Candela there is a love relationship. They are many years of being together. And it is a love relationship that, from time to time, the holy water of passion splashes.

There are people who believe that because he laughs that the lame falls, he has a sense of humor. You have to laugh when you fall. You have much more fun.

The miracle of existing, the instinct to seek, the fortune to find, the pleasure of knowing.

If I was once a bird of passage, I forgot to nest in your arms, if ever, if one day, after loving, I loved, it was for your love ...

I claim the realism of dreaming in a future where life is better, and the relations fairer, richer and more positive, and always in peace.

That you will be anything, scum of mortals, a perfect heartless, but with good manners.

You have to keep the memory from the past, but you have to work for the future thinking that the future is now.

My impression is that in life, we write a single song. That is the same. Unless the story itself is betrayed.

Children learn little from words; Only your actions and their coherence with words serve.

Selling is always ... Like that joke: We already have the capitalist. Now the one who puts the ass is missing. It's all about raising the price. There are times that yes, it is amazing because of the little that some humans usually sell.

Playing naked yesterday by the sand, my childhood little by little I saw happen, I escaped without realizing it hardly dreaming of flying.

Like a kaleidoscope of tiny crystals, it changes its drawing and color, if the sun shines at dawn or it has rained. And fill my world with flowers.

Blessed are those who boast of their writings because they will have occasions to prove it.

When I sleep I see clearly, crazy about a sweet poison.

When the show ends I usually think that what is so beautiful that happens is not real. And I also think that the next day that beautiful thing will no longer happen. But incredibly it happens again.