Gemotherapy and its benefits in the body and mind

Gemotherapy and its benefits in the body and mind

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What is the Gemoterpia

If you have never heard this therapy, after reading this post your curiosity arouses. As always the alternative therapies They surprise us, not only for everything they represent but for their large catalog of therapies, some more popular than others.

The Gemotherapy we can understand her as the use of capacity at the energy level through different minerals acting on our body, thereby enabling the capacity of the so-called self healing that we all possess as living beings.

However, the power of the gems is not replaced, that is to say that it is a different field in the therapeutic sense, it is possibly very complicated to find more information about this therapy in centers, not being the case of other therapies such as for example massage therapy or other better known and extended.Gemotherapy in fact acts in an energetic and spiritual way, having as reference the power of gems.

But before you continue reading this post I want to clarify as always that it is an alternative therapy and therefore complementary, and that always before anything does not replace any medical treatment. So we must be aware that their action is merely complementary and alternative.

However, The power of gems in the therapeutic field can be used in different fields and for different purposes, such as: personal amulet (there are those who place it under the pillow, hanging from the neck, etc ...) Sometimes this gem is also placed on the affected part that we want to heal, or on the points chakras of which we have spoken in previous posts, and therefore located in different points of our body and in turn related to a gland and a color, in this case.

I could make you a whole list of utilities, but we would extend too much in the subject, to comment to you therefore that each gem has diverse applications and the truth very interesting. Without going any further for example, let's look at some cases that you will surely find curious.

The gems and their properties

: Strengthens our vocal cords. It is the gem of communication, it helps us to resolve conflicts through dialogue. Stabilize our heart rate. Relax the cervical vertebrae.

AMBER: It's a good amulet to promote luck. Dissolve our negative energy. It is useful for oral problems. It also works on the digestive system.

: It is useful for diseases of the colon and stomach. Dilute insomnia and depression. Fight our negativity as well as pessimism. Beneficial for the feeling of stagnation. Interesting, right?

: It is related to our good luck. Help in panic attacks. It serves us for hemorrhages. Very good comments for exams. For insecure people who fear failure, too.

BLACK TURMALINE: It's a great gem of a lot of power. You can help us in times of confusion. It helps us to reverse self-destructive behaviors.

TURQUOISE: Good for the lungs and the entire respiratory system. It gives us a feeling of well-being as well as inner peace. Fight migraines. It is also related to prosperity.

ZIRCON: Gives optimism and happiness. Promotes sexual energy. It offers us protection. It serves us for insomnia.

Well, as you can see there are many applications and that we have only seen some of them, but there are many more ... As we have talked about chakras, I want to show you what is known as correspondence, in this case between gems and chakras.

Each stone belongs to a chakra; Placing the stone in the corresponding chakra will relieve or promote the healing of the affected area, without forgetting its energy contribution.

1st CHAKRA OR ROOT: agate, chrysoprase, smoky quartz, garnet, heliotrope, hematite, jasper, obsidian, tiger's eye, onyx, opal and pearl.

2nd CHAKRA OR SACRO: amber, coral, carnelian, citrine quartz, rutilated quartz, onyx, opal, peridot, pearl, moonstone, ruby, topaz, green tourmaline.

3rd CHAKRA OR SOLAR PLEXUS: amber, calcite, quartz crystal, citrine quartz, emerald, jasper, malachite, onyx, opal, peridot, pearl, moonstone, pyrite, topaz, black tourmaline.

4th CHAKRA OR HEART: azurite, calcite, chrysoprase, pink quartz, emerald, jade, kunzite, malachite, onyx, opal, rhodonite. Blue and red tourmaline, watermelon heart tourmaline, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, zircon.

5th CHAKRA OR THROAT: agate, aquamarine, amber, lapis lazuli, onyx, opal, sodalite, green and turquoise tourmaline, sapphire.

6th CHAKRA OR THIRD EYE: agate, amethyst, azurite, calcite, fluorite, lapis lazuli, onyx, opal, rhodochrosite, green tourmaline, sapphire.

Post: David Álvarez. Therapist